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Our Black Truffle Partner in Spain

Marta, the enterprising CEO of our Spanish black truffle partner, Trufbox, is truly a woman of the land. Having a singular vision for truffle cultivation on this storied landscape, long a centre of wheat and barley cultivation, and aware of the changing times and the challenges facing rural economies, she envisioned a different future for this beautiful pocket of northern central Spain.聽

A true visionary, Marta saw the potential not just for truffle cultivation but also for rural development and sustainability. Her dream was to transform two truffle farms - one in Soria, the other in Burgos -聽 into a beacon of local and sustainable business practices that would invigorate both local economies.

With a clear vision and plenty of hard work, Marta and her team, introduced organic methods that have enriched the soil naturally, ensuring her land has achieved not only EU organic certification, but also the conditions for bountiful truffle harvests now and into the future. As her truffles have gained renown for their quality, Marta has been able to expand the reach of her business and is now able to supply the quantity and quality of exceptional truffles that we at Friend and Burrell can proudly represent to our many valued customers.

Culinary Jewels from the Heart of Northern Spain

Castile and Le贸n is a region in Spain鈥檚 rugged north steeped in history and culture. The name itself, Castile, meaning "land of castles," evokes images of medieval knights and historical drama aplenty. The region's numerous castles perched on hilltops, surrounded by the rugged landscapes have witnessed centuries of history, and serve as a reminder of a bygone era of chivalry and conquest.

Castile and Le贸n's countryside is a picture of the rural idyll; ancient stone villages, rows of vineyards in the celebrated Ribera del Duero, and golden fields of wheat, barley and sunflowers stretching under vast skies that allude to the gastronomic treasures to be found there. The region's cuisine is characterised by its simplicity and the richness of its ingredients, including its truffles.聽

The cultivation of Tuber melanosporum thrives in the Castilla y Le贸n regions of Soria and Burgos, areas particularly suited for truffle farming. These regions benefit from a combination of favourable climatic conditions with cold winters and hot, dry summers, calcareous soils that offer excellent drainage and mineral balance, and ideal elevation levels. Additionally, the healthy average annual rainfall contributes to the thriving truffle mycelium. Both Burgos and Soria are nestled within the renowned Ribera del Duero, a Spanish Denominaci贸n de Origen Protegida (DOP) wine region on the country's northern plateau, one of eleven 'quality wine' regions in Castile and Le贸n.

EU organic certification requires adherence to strict regulations outlined in the EU Organic Farming Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 834/2007). The key requirements of this certification for truffle farms are that:

1. Farmers must use organic seeds and plant material, and employ sustainable farming practices such as crop rotation, green manure, and natural pest control methods.

2. Farms mustn't use synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) which are strictly prohibited.

3. Detailed records of all farming activities, inputs, and sales must be maintained to demonstrate compliance with organic standards.

4. Farmers must undergo an annual inspection by a recognised certification body to verify compliance with organic standards.

5. Products certified as organic must bear the EU organic logo and provide information on the certifying body. Traceability throughout the supply chain is crucial to ensure the integrity of organic products.