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Our Truffle Partners

L'air Du Wombat Truffles

Location: Oallen NSW Elevation: 587m
Tree Species: Species: English Oak (Quercus robur) and French Oak (Quercus ilex)
Number of Trees: 900

Established in 2007, L'Air du Wombat Truffles is in Oallen, a township on the Shoalhaven River in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, traditionally connected to the Gundungurra and Ngunnawal people, 80 kms from Jervis Bay on the New South Wales South Coast, and just over 100 kms from Canberra, the national capital.

Oallen offers a microclimate and soil conditions ideal for truffle cultivation with favourable landforms (gentle slopes and elevated plateaus) and climate conditions (warm days and cool nights).  The soil, a mix of sandy loam with some clay loam, is well-drained and alkaline rich. L'Air du Wombat was established and is run by Tricia and Rainer Kwast, ably assisted by their four dogs. Barry, an 8 year old Australian Kelpie has worked like a trooper for the last six seasons.

Roxie (a.k.a. "Gold Digger"), a New Zealand Huntaway, who is reticent to work as a truffle dog but very good with people as well as making sneaky claims to Barry's finds - she places her nose on top of certain truffles, with a paw on either side, demanding a treat before the truffle can be dug. JJ, a Kelpie, is now 4 and performing well, though his taste for the odd funky rotten truffle needs watching. Finally, Kelpie Tucker is still trying to work out where he fits in the team.

Alongside the canine part of the family is a veritable menagerie of other animals: three Clydesdale horses, chickens, guinea fowl, a herd of goats, an alpaca, a 45 year old pony, a Miniature Galloway steer, and a 3 year old pig named Truffle. Truffle will willingly sit for banana chips but has proven to be unprofessional on the truffle hunts. She may be in the naughty corner for quite some time.