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Our Truffle Partners

Wylie Creek Truffles

Location: Wylie Creek, New South Wales
Elevation: 750m
Tree Species: French Oak (Quercus ilex)
Number of Trees: 2800
Project Planning Commenced: 2016
Planted: 2018

Nestled in the picturesque Granite Belt region of northern New England, New South Wales, lies Wylie Creek Truffles. Situated approximately 750 kilometres north of Sydney, this cool, high-country locale rests at the northernmost edge of the New England Tablelands.

Named for the abundance of granite rocks that define its landscape, the region boasts a soil primarily of sandy loam to clay loam ideal conditions for truffle cultivation.

The Granite Belt is renowned for its subtropical highland climate, distinguishing it as one of the coldest regions in New South Wales. Its elevated position renders it among Australia's highest altitude agricultural areas, presenting an optimal environment for the cultivation of grapes, apples, stone fruit, and, notably, truffles. Winter months bring biting cold nighttime frosts, while the area's elevation fosters a climate characterised by four distinct seasons.

The combination of extremely cold winter soil temperatures, friable sandy loam soils, and well-distributed rainfall culminates in the production of exceptional, aromatic truffles.

At the head of Wylie Creek Truffles are Charlotte and Kim Brierley, dedicated farmers committed to cultivating excellence in each and every harvest.