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30g White Sturgeon Deluxe

Sale price$120.00 AUD

White Sturgeon Deluxe

Acipenser transmontanus, known as the White Sturgeon, is a North American sturgeon species. The descriptor ‘transmontanus’,  literally means "beyond the mountains" and is used to signify that this sturgeon species is native to the western side of the Rocky Mountains. The White Sturgeon is the largest North American fresh-water fish and the third largest freshwater fish in the world after the Beluga and Kaluga species of sturgeon.

The pearls of Acipenser transmontanus are large in size. The caviar has a smooth and creamy texture and is firm but not overly so. The pearls range in colour from olive green to deep golden brown and greyish black coloured pearls. The roe from Acipenser transmontanus is known for its mild flavour; buttery and nutty with a slight mineral finish, creating a harmonious blend of subtle and complex notes that captivate the palate. 

The price of the White Sturgeon Caviar is attractive compared to other caviars and for this reason has a special application on particular menu items and canapés where the aim is to delight guests with caviar, but at a comparatively modest price point.

30g White Sturgeon Deluxe
30g White Sturgeon Deluxe Sale price$120.00 AUD