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50g Sevruga Classic

Sale price$245.00 AUD

Sevruga Classic

The Acipenser stellatus, better known as sevruga “севрюга” - the starry sturgeon - is native to the waters of the Caspian and Black Sea basins and their river systems. The Sevruga sturgeon, though relatively small compared to other sturgeon species, (typically reaching a length of just over 1 metre), is renowned for producing one of the most prized caviars.

Sevruga caviar, while small in size, distinguishes itself with a more subtle flavour profile than its bolder counterparts, presenting a harmonious blend of buttery and marine notes, culminating in an exceptionally clean finish, ensuring a truly memorable gustatory experience.

50g Sevruga Classic
50g Sevruga Classic Sale price$245.00 AUD