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30g Beluga Imperial

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Beluga Imperial

The Huso huso, better known as the Beluga sturgeon, is a majestic marvel of the aquatic world. This magnificent species is revered for its awe-inspiring size, elegant form, and remarkable lifespan.  The Beluga sturgeon often reaches astonishing lengths of up to 6 metres or more, making it one of the largest freshwater fish on the planet, and boasts a remarkable lifespan, able to live for well over a century. The Beluga sturgeon also embodies the weight of history - a living relic, having navigated the waters of the Caspian and Black Seas for millennia. 

Regrettably, due to overfishing and habitat degradation, Beluga sturgeon (in the wild) are now  listed as a critically endangered species on the IUCN Red List. Conservation efforts are in place to protect and preserve these ancient and majestic creatures for future generations, and the breeding program at Caviar Giaveri is just one example of the efforts being made to ensure this iconic and ancient species is preserved from potential extinction.

Beluga caviar is rightly celebrated for its luxurious and distinctive soft, buttery smooth mouthfeel, making it one of the most sought-after and expensive caviars in the world. Its flavour profile is characterised by its complexity and richness - the product of not only the inimitable characteristics of the Huso huso sturgeon itself, but also of the aquacultural excellence at Caviar Giaveri. 

This Beluga caviar is the jewel in the crown of Caviar Giaveri. The Huso huso sturgeon take a full 30 years to reach full maturity, when their roe is harvested. Beluga caviar also has a distinct appearance that sets it apart. With large pearls of pale or silver grey, Beluga roe are among the largest of any caviar variety. 

There is a reason caviar connoisseurs and the world’s best chefs consider Beluga to be the gold standard and, likewise, we cannot think of a better caviar to celebrate life’s special moments.

Imperial beluga caviar Giaveri
30g Beluga Imperial Sale price$349.00 AUD