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Joselito Jamón Gran Reserva Vintage 2011

Naturally cured for a minimum of 82 months.
Joselito Jamón is the pinnacle of cured ham, enjoying a revered status among Michelin starred chefs the world over. Truly a culinary masterpiece, Joselito Jamón Gran Reserva Vintage 2011 is the result of centuries-old traditions combined with the unique climatic conditions of Guijuelo, a small town 50 km south of Salamanca and 200 km west of Madrid in Spain.

100% Free range Iberico acorn-fed pork leg and sea salt.

The 2011 Vintage Joselito Jamón has been cured naturally for over 9 years. Every step in Joselito’s hand-processing involves the highest standards of traditional artisanal production. Joselito Jamón is truly in the ‘vintage’ category taking more than 82 months for curing; a process unique in the world - absolutely no shortcuts, and beyond pure sea salt, definitely no additives or preservatives.

The long curing process allows for the development of complex, rich taste with a perfect balance between savoury and slightly sweet. The colour is a deep, red with beautiful marbling of fat throughout. Because of the acorn rich diet of the pigs, the fat of Joselito Jamón is of exceptional quality, high in oleic acid - a healthy monounsaturated fat - giving the jamón its rich silky texture.

The result? Without doubt, the Joselito Jamón Gran Reserva Vintage 2011 is a culinary masterpiece. To experience the 82-month cured Joselito Jamón is to experience the pinnacle of Spanish charcuterie.


Joselito Jamón Gran Reserva Vintage 2011
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