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Truffle Shaver - Ambrogio Sanelli

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Ambrogio Sanelli Truffle Shaver with Stainless Steel Blade 

To fully appreciate and realise the qualities of truffles, Friend and Burrell recommend that you slice them with a proper truffle slicer.

We say this for several reasons:

To get the most out of your truffle, you need to release their aroma. Slicing them thinly with a proper truffle shaver helps release and maximise a truffle’s aromatic compounds, intensifying the overall flavour and aroma of your dish.

Truffle shavers are designed with precision in mind. As is the case with our beautiful Ambrogio Sanelli shavers, they have an adjustable blade design that allows you to slice truffles into very thin, even slices. And…as you probably well know, even truffle slices look visually stunning and definitely enhance the presentation of your culinary creations.

Ensuring the consistency of your truffle slices, is not only important for achieving a balanced truffle aroma in your dish, but they also ensure your minimise waste, allowing you to make the most of your precious truffle. 

Friend and Burrell is proud to offer our customers these well-made Ambrogio Sanelli truffle shavers.

Ambrogio Sanelli was established in 1864 in Premana, a small village in the Province of Lecco in Lombardy, in the Italian Alps - about 70 kilometres northeast of Milan. Premana has a long tradition as a centre of production of scissors, knives and truffle shavers - “affetta tartufi.” 

Today, with the fifth generation of the family steering the business, this passionate journey of craftsmanship and quality continues.

Truffle Shaver - Ambrogio Sanelli
Truffle Shaver - Ambrogio Sanelli Sale price$89.00 AUD