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Anchovies Olasagasti (Dentici & Orlando Families)

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Spanish Anchovies Oslagasti

Melbourne is mad about anchovies, the distinct savoury flavour-bombs, with fatty, salty, even meaty savoury flavour: delicious on pizza, indispensable in a tapenade, beautiful in a classic Spanish pintxos, a Caesar salad, a french style cheese tart, a salad Niçoise, a sandwich or breakfast eggs,  and adding umami depth into distinctive sauces, rubs, dressings, and dips.

Our Olasagasti anchovies are generous, meaty fillets in a delicious olive oil brine. Their gentle salting is balanced with olive oil to make a delightful, clean filleted anchovy. Warning: they are extremely moreish!

F&B supplies the anchovies, finely hand processed and packed in olive oil brine, for food service in tins just over 1kg. There are 120-140 fillets in the tin. F&B also supplies Olasagasti's white anchovies - these anchovies are salted for a short time and then pickled in olive oil and vinegar. Ask us about the beautiful Olasagasti anchovy paste - approaching 2020 the Gentleman's Relish is alive and well!

Simon Friend was born into an experienced fishing family, then worked extensively in fishing as a young adult, within Australia and internationally. It was inevitable that this would influence Friend & Burrell’s decision to distribute Olasagasti anchovies.


Anchovies Olasagasti (Dentici & Orlando Families)
Anchovies Olasagasti (Dentici & Orlando Families) Sale price$150.00 AUD